Latest Burbank Housing Corp. project puts a dent in affordable-housing need

The Burbank Housing Corp. held an open house to show its newest affordable-housing project called the Fairview Cottages, located in he 2300 block of North Fairview St., in Burbank on Thursday. There are three single-family homes on the property. The two front ones have one bedroom and the one at the rear has two bedrooms. Amenities include stoves, hook-ups for washers and dryers, a heating-and-air conditioning system, tankless water heaters and new cabinetry.
(Raul Roa/Staff Photographer)

Adding three new housing units to Burbank’s housing stock may not seem like much, but to members of the Burbank Housing Corp., those units represent growth and opportunity.

On Thursday, representatives from the nonprofit showcased the organization’s newest housing project at 2300 N. Fairview St., which they’ve named the Fairview Cottages — a refurbished, three-unit apartment complex geared toward extremely low-income families in the city.

Near the streetare two one-bedroom apartments that will be rented out for about $300 a month, while a larger two-bedroom unit near the back of the property will have a going rate of roughly $700 a month, said Judith Arandes, executive director of the Burbank Housing Corp.

The Fairview Cottages project was dedicated to the current City Council for their support of the Burbank Housing Corp. over the years and the city’s mission to increase housing in the city.


“It’s just three units, but they will be homes for many families for years to come,” Vice Mayor Sharon Springer said at the event.

Burbank Housing Corp. Executive Director Judith Arandes, center, and asset manager Raha Arnold have a laugh during the open house to show the newest affordable housing project called the Fairview Cottages, on the 2300 block of North Fairview St., in Burbank on Thursday, Nov. 21, 2019.
(Raul Roa/Staff Photographer)

Unlike the nonprofit’s housing project called Jerry’s Promise, a triplex at 1932 N. Ontario St. used for transitional housing, Arandes said the Fairview Cottages are additional low-income units that less-fortunate families can rent for as long as they would like.

“It seems little considering how big the need for affordable housing is, but people always forget that these units will be here and affordable forever,” Arandes said. “Three units sounds like a little number in the grander sense, but it ends up being a long-term investment.”


With help from the Burbank City Council, the Burbank Housing Corp. spent about $1.3 million to purchase the property and rehabilitate the units to modern standards.

Arandes said there are more than 400 families on the nonprofit’s waiting list hoping to move into one of the organization’s affordable units, and although the Fairview Cottages help put a roof over a few people’s heads, she acknowledges more work needs to be done.

“We’re looking to create affordable-housing assets for the city that will last a lifetime,” Arandes said.

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