Property of former Tony’s Bella Vista acquired for $2.9 million

Tony’s Bella Vista Ristorante on the 3100 block of Magnolia Blvd. in Burbank.
Longtime Burbank residents recently purchased the property of the former Tony’s Bella Vista restaurant for $2.9 million. The new property owners plan to update the building and bring in a new restaurant operator.
(File Photo)

The property that was once home to the local favorite Tony’s Bella Vista restaurant in Burbank was recently purchased by longtime local residents.

The Herman Co., a Burbank-based commercial real estate company that helped with the acquisition, announced on Monday that the Rubinfeld family purchased the property at 3116 W. Magnolia Blvd. for $2.9 million and that the family plans to bring another sit-down eatery into the city’s Magnolia Park neighborhood.

“It’s a legacy building in Burbank that needs a little TLC, but the Rubinfelds recognize a need in the community — there’s a lack of good restaurant amenities in the city, especially Magnolia Park,” said Paul Herman, founder of the Herman Co.

The Rubinfelds are planning to maintain the 5,155-square-foot property and bring the building up to modern-day standards so that, ideally, an independently owned food business will move in, Herman said.


For 32 years, the property was home to Tony’s Bella Vista, a mom-and-pop-owned Italian restaurant that was popular with the community.

However, this past June, owner Angelo Ferialdi decided to shutter the business because of his age — he turned 70 years old in 2019 — and because of a rising minimum wage.

Herman said the goal for the Rubinfelds is to keep the property as a family-style restaurant that serves Magnolia Park.

“The topics that keep coming up in discussions about Magnolia Park is having family-owned businesses and no corporations,” Herman said.


“Downtown [Burbank] is full of corporate chains. It would be great to get an operator that was familiar with the community and has a good concept,” he added.

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