Hollywood Burbank Airport to reduce parking to 3 lots starting Monday

The valet parking queue at Hollywood Burbank Airport was empty this past Tuesday. The number of passengers at the airport has diminished by 50% or more due to public reaction to the coronavirus.
(Tim Berger/Burbank Leader)

Starting on Monday, Hollywood Burbank Airport will consolidate its parking to three sites to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus.

Lots A and C as well as the airport’s valet service will be closed due to the drastic decrease in travelers caused by shelter-in-place orders put in place because of the virus.

“By closing lots A, C and the valet, we are reducing the need for the public to use our shuttles to get to the terminals,” airport spokeswoman Lucy Burghdorf said.

“Having passengers park at the nearby lots and the park structure will allow them to walk to the terminals and practice social distancing,” she added.

Those who need to park their vehicles while flying out of the Burbank airport can use the parking structure or lots E and G.

Burghdorf added that airport employees will also be asked to park in the valet section of the airport instead of the employee lot for the same reasons.

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