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Hollywood Burbank Airport officials remain conservative with next fiscal-year budget

The Hollywood Burbank Airport has a new sign, as seen on the main tower of the airfield, in Burbank
Hollywood Burbank Airport officials are projecting a small increase in revenue during the 2019-20 fiscal year despite an increase in passengers over the last fiscal year.
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The Burbank-Glendale-Pasadena Airport Authority is looking to remain fiscally conservative despite revenues and passenger numbers increasing over the past fiscal year at Hollywood Burbank Airport.

Authority members unanimously approved the facility’s 2019-20 fiscal-year budget during their meeting on June 17, in which the finances for the upcoming year were balanced and did not require any adjustments to airline rates, said Kathy David, the airport’s deputy executive director of finance and administration.

David said that, although passenger numbers and revenues are up, officials are being financially frugal, assuming those numbers will increase by 3% compared to the previous fiscal year.

Projected operating annual revenues for Hollywood Burbank Airport will be roughly $78.6 million, which is about $3.5 million less than the previous fiscal year. That is due, in part, to receiving less grant funding, David said.


The majority of the airport’s budget, about $59.3 million, is going toward operations and maintenance of the airfield and facilities.

Part of that funding will go toward paying for 34 full-time police officers and 20 full-time firefighters for the airport. No additional public safety personnel were requested for the upcoming fiscal year, David said.

Other highlights in the operations-and-maintenance budget include improving the janitorial service to coincide with the increase in passengers throughout the year, upgrading the airport’s website, working on co-branding efforts with the airlines and reactivating the Residential Acoustical Treatment program to help residents living near the airfield with soundproofing.

Additionally, David said the airport will be setting aside funding to help establish a forum between the authority and the Federal Aviation Administration that would address noise concerns expressed by residents in communities, such as Studio City and Sherman Oaks in the south San Fernando Valley.