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Man interrupts dinner at Bob’s Big Boy in Burbank after grabbing at food and fleeing

Bob’s Big Boy in Burbank Monday evening, September 10, 2007. (Alex Collins/ Staff Photographer)
A Los Angeles man was arrested by Burbank police late last month after he reportedly stole food from a group of diners at Bob’s Big Boy.
(File Photo)

Three people dining at Bob’s Big Boy in Burbank were robbed of their food last Saturday after a man came up to their table and reportedly flashed a handgun toward the group.

The man approached the trio of diners while they were seated in a booth sometime around 6:20 p.m. and displayed an item that appeared to be a handgun in his waistband. He stole food from their table and fled the restaurant.

Sgt. Derek Green, a spokesman for the Burbank Police Department, said other patrons who saw the man said he acted strangely and bothered employees before the incident occurred.

Officers were able to locate someone matching the man’s description nearby. He subsequently fled from police on foot.


The man was eventually arrested and identified by the three diners as the robbery suspect.

He’s been identified as Lequinta Brown, a 26-year-old transient from the Los Angeles area.

Authorities found him in possession of stolen mail but were unable to locate a firearm. Brown was booked on suspicion of one count of robbery, two counts of assault with a deadly weapon, identity theft and resisting arrest.

The case remains under investigation, and Brown is currently being held on $200,000 bail.


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