Domino’s Pizza paves Burbank street


Drive down Pass Avenue just north of Burbank Boulevard in Burbank and you’ll notice that there are no potholes in the road, and that’s thanks to … Domino’s Pizza.

Yes, the pizza restaurant chain, which has been rebranding its image for several years, decided it should pave roads for its customers and delivery drivers to offer them a smoother ride while transporting their boxes of pizza.

The campaign, called “Paving for Pizza,” was announced on Monday, but dozens of streets have already been repaired. There have been 150 potholes repaired in Athens, Ga., 40 in Milford, Del., and eight in Bartonville, Texas.

Domino’s also tended to five potholes in Burbank on Pass Avenue between Burbank Boulevard and Hatteras Street, a project city officials didn’t know about until after it happened, said city spokeswoman Simone McFarland.

She said the work was done at the end of January after officials representing Domino’s pulled a film permit from the Burbank Police Department and an excavation permit from the city’s Public Works Department.

McFarland said those in charge of the project in Burbank used PaveCo Inc., a paving business Burbank often used for its street-repair needs.

Though she and the city appreciate the kind gesture by Domino’s, McFarland said it would take more than patching up five potholes to improve Burbank’s streets.

Street quality has been a topic the City Council has been aware of, and its members recently allocated $6.6 million in the 2018-19 budget for street repairs.

“We do 14,000 [repairs] per year, which is huge,” McFarland said. “Typically, our turnaround time is 24 to 48 hours. So the savings from the paving by Domino’s would be minimal.”

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