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Hollywood Burbank Airport reports climbing passenger numbers in March

Passenger numbers at Hollywood Burbank Airport grew yet again — by 6.8% — in March as more travelers continue to use the local airfield.

There were 459,829 passengers during March, which was 29,359 more than the same month in 2018, said Nerissa Sugars, manager of air-service development for Hollywood Burbank, during a meeting of the Burbank-Glendale-Pasadena Airport Authority on Monday.

Leading the way was Southwest Airlines, the largest carrier operating at Hollywood Burbank, which had 342,758 passengers, a hike of 22,536 compared to the previous year.

JetBlue Airways’ flights to New York and Boston continue to boost the carrier as it reported 20,661 passengers in March. That was 12,631 more than the same month last year.


American Airlines also reported some growth, with 15,332 passengers, an increase of 3,274 over the year before.

Delta Airlines also saw some improvement in March, logging 13,355 passengers, which was 2,506 more than last year.

Alaska Airlines and United Airlines were the only carriers that saw declines for the month.

Alaska had 44,415 passengers, 8,224 fewer than last year, while United had 23,308 passengers, a drop of 3,364 passengers compared with the year before.


Most of the other airports in the region performed well during March. Los Angeles International Airport had 7,368,798 passengers, which was 138,711 more than last year.

Ontario International Airport reported 436,701 passengers, an improvement of 21,702 compared to the year before.

John Wayne Airport had 923,469 passengers in March, an increase of 25,051 over the same month in 2018.

However, Long Beach Airport saw a drop in its numbers, with 289,791 passengers, which was 66,500 fewer than in 2018.

Denis Carvill, Hollywood Burbank’s deputy executive director of operations, said that aside from seeing its passenger numbers increase, the facility’s parking revenue for all of its lots and valet service also rose.

Hollywood Burbank’s parking services generated roughly $1.75 million during March, which was about $49,680 more than in 2018.

Additionally, the airport received $305,397 from ride-sharing companies for pick-ups and drop-offs during the month, a hike of $74,706 compared to the same month the year before.

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