Airport noise not confined to Burbank

We live in the Cabrini Condo development just outside the city limits

of Burbank. Who speaks for us?

Most of the day, we are not bothered with airport takeoffs. But at


times we don’t use the phones because we cannot hear.

Technically, we are in Sun Valley. Who speaks for Sun Valley? My son’s

home is up Lanark east of Glenoaks. After about 6 p.m., a dozen flights

take off. He does not listen to the evening news on TV. because these


planes fly so low and so near.

There have been times on foggy days that the roar of the engines was

so loud and so near and so prolonged that I stood outside waiting to see

where the plane would crash.

I felt there was no use my trying to escape as I could not know where

it would hit.


Sun Valley


Candidate deserves high marks for views on drugs

Liz Michael, the Libertarian turned Republican gets an “A” plus for

her courage in stating her position on marijuana and hard drugs that is

contrary at least to the thinking of the Republican party and maybe the

Democratic party as well (“Assembly candidate: Legalize pot” Nov. 10).

The high price and consumption of hard drugs in our society makes drug

lords in Columbia, Mexico and other countries rich. Treating the drugs as

an illegal substance maintains their high price enough to make our local


drug dealers wealthy and create drug wars in which innocent people get

killed. As a result, some neighborhoods are left as permanent slums.

We had an initiative on last year’s ballot legalizing the use of

marijuana for medical purposes that was passed by the voters. Our

moralistic president decided that he’s going to overrule that initiative

through the powers of the federal government.

Drug courts are being set up to deal with this problem and are

apparently making some headway. Treatment centers should be set up on a

wide scale for a wide scale problem.

Filling up prisons is not the answer. If we stopped building prisons

and begin to treat people, we’d have money left over for more beneficial

social programs.



Burbank must protect its heritage

As a Burbank resident for 57 years, I thought it was about time the

city finally started to do something to save its past. It seems every

time I pick up the newspaper, I am reading about something being torn


The Local Union Hall and the Women’s Club are just two of the

buildings that come to mind that the city should have worked harder to

save. While I don’t expect the city to look the same as it did when I

first moved here in 1942, I think that the city should keep some of its

old buildings.

I was surprised to learn that he city even had a Heritage Commission,

much less an Historic Preservation plan. I hope the City Council passes

this plan and tries to save some of the few old buildings that are left.



Council should approve preservation plan

I was happy to read in last weekend’s Leader that the City Council

will be asked to approve a Burbank Historic Preservation Plan. Many

longtime residents such as myself believe this is long overdue.

We hope the City Council approves the plan so that parts of Burbank

can be saved for future residents. Burbank is a special city where I’ve

raised my children. I would love to think my grandchildren and their

families will be able to enjoy some of its historic homes and buildings.



Berlin not alone in possible conflict

Bob Olson in his community forum letter of Wednesday Nov. 17 (“City

can’t risk Berlin conflict,”), is mistaken in his belief that the city

council is wrong in its decision to seek an attorney generals opinion on

the matter, and at the same time looking into the possibility of

bypassing the planning board on the development agreement between the

airport and the city.

If Mr. Olson were to read our city attorney’s opinion letter,

regarding the possible financial interest that Mrs. Berlin is alleged to

have, and apply the same theories to the other planning board members, he

would find that three other members of the board have possible conflicts,

or financial interest, with respect to the development agreement.

Since the board would only be acting in an advisory capacity on the

development agreement, I doubt that he is suggesting that the entire

planning board be replaced, then again maybe he is. After all, didn’t he

recently apply for a position on the planning board? Is there the off

chance that he is looking for a back door to get on the board?