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Giving Thanks


“Personally, I am thankful for a loving and health family. On a

professional basis, I’m thankful for being able to work in a community

where the residents have the highest regard for children and provide the


necessary resources so they can reach their potential.”

David Aponik, Burbank Unifed School District Superintendent

“What I’m really grateful for is our regular customers. They come in

everyday and they really are kind, generous people. They pay our rent and


they are very loyal.”

Valerie Lynn, waitress at Ben’s Deli

“I’m coming up on one month since my husband (Victor) was rushed to

the hospital and underwent open-heart surgery. The whole family is so

thankful for his return to health and for the excellent care he received

at Providence St. Joseph..

“I am also very pleased with the quality of the teachers and staff we

have at the school district. We’re blessed with people who are really


dedicated to the children. I see that dedication every day, people with

great attitudes and an honest devotion to our kids.”

Connie Lackey, School Board president

“First of all, my good health is the No. 1 thing I’m thankful for. No.

2 is there are no hostilities. I don’t have to see young kids getting

killed in wars. No. 3 is my daughter is pregnant. I’m going to be a


Clyde Richards, teacher and boys’ tennis coach at Burbank High School


“I’m thankful I’m going to retire in five years and thankful for the

time of I’ve worked at the Burbank Police Department.”

Sgt. William Berry

“I have a policy where I don’t wait for Thanksgiving to be thankful. I

remain thankful all year long. That’s my philosophy of living.”

Adele V. Caldwell, intermediate clerk, Burbank Public Library

“Today I’m feeling particularly thankful for working in a community

that cares so much about young people. The teamwork here is great. It’s

hard work but very satisfying.”

Marissa Rosoff, director, Burbank Outreach Center.

“The first thing Max and I are thankful for is being here. I’m

thankful for my wife and wonderful friends in this city.”

City Councilman David Laurell.

“I’m thankful that we have such a great city to live in. I think

things are going well for the city and that we’re strong financially.”

City Councilman Bob Kramer.

“I’m extremely thankful that we live in a country, state and city that

is the envy of the world. We ought to be damn thankful that we can go

down there (to city council meetings) every Tuesday and raise hell. I

have lived in other countries and they don’t compare.”

Former Councilman Ted McConkey.

“We’re thankful that we have remnants of freedom of speech and freedom

of the press. We hope it continues so we can have material that other

stores don’t.”

Paul Hunt, owner of Atlantis Book Shop.

“I feel thankful to be in good health. I’m thankful I’m still alive.

That’s what counts. Money comes and goes.”

Robert Sablon, manager of J.P. Fabrics and Draperies. “That

everybody in my family is happy and healthy.”

Lisa Burks, publicist.

“My family, my new baby Kyla (4 months old) and my son Justin (14).”

Kim Council, Burbank homemaker

“There are so many things I am grateful for that I hate to pick just

one. I’m thankful for everything but especially my good health and great


Jody West, Burbank housewife and philosopher.

“Having a secure job.”

Marina Smith, cartographer

“That there is no war that we are participating in”

San Remmson, teacher.

“To be alive.”

Jack Sweek, independent contractor.

“My health, my family, The Lord.”

Maria Lou, nurse.

“The same thing you’ve probably heard from everyone else: Health,

family, friends.”

Marizela Alvarez, nurse.

“My first thought is family and my second thought is health. I’m lucky

to live in a country where I can enjoy the many blessings we have.”

Capt. Gordon Bowers, Burbank Police Department