Police issuing Slurpee citations

Leslie Simmons

BURBANK -- Burbank kids may be getting a different type of citation

from police in the next few months. Fortunately, this one won’t cost

their parents any money.


Since Nov. 15, motor officers from the department have been rewarding

good behavior such as wearing helmets and other protective gear while

bike riding or skateboarding to helping others by giving away Slurpee

coupons redeemable at any 7-Eleven.


Dubbed “Operation Chill,” the national program partners 7-Eleven with

law enforcement to show appreciation for kids who do the right thing.

Burbank received 2,500 coupons this year.

“This provides a great opportunity to increase positive interaction

between officers and young people and to reinforce safe behavior patterns

on the part of our youth,” said Burbank Capt. Gordon Bowers. “We greatly

appreciate 7-Eleven assisting us in this.”