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Apartment fires cause minor damage

BURBANK -- Two fires sparked within minutes of each other at different

apartment buildings caused minimal damage and no injuries, fire officials


The first fire broke out at 11:56 a.m. Wednesday on the walkway of an


apartment building at 2815 Clark Ave. when bamboo mini blinds were

ignited by a carelessly thrown match, said Burbank Fire Capt. Bob


A man who lives in a second-story apartment lit a cigarette and


accidentally tossed the match on the blinds, which he had placed outside

in the walkway, Reinhardt said.

The fire spread to the wood-paneled side of the building but did not

burn inside any apartments, he said.

Firefighters responded to the scene and quickly doused the flames.

Damage to the side of the apartment was estimated at $5,000, Reinhardt


Fourteen minutes after dispatchers received the first call, another


fire was reported at an apartment building at 131 1/2 N. Kenwood St.

There, a candle left burning next to an open window is believed to be

responsible for a small fire that charred part of window sill, Reinhardt

said. The tenant apparently left the candle burning on a table, he said.

“The winds blew the flame, which touched the edge of the window and

ended up burning the wood frame,” he said.

Two assistant managers noticed the fire and entered the the apartment,

They put out the flames using several glasses of water before


firefighters arrived, Reinhardt said.

The damage to the window was less than $1,000, officials said.