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Ex-cop allegedly threatens neighbor with a gun

Leslie Simmons

MEDIA DISTRICT WEST -- The Burbank city attorney’s office has filed

misdemeanor criminal charges against a retired Burbank police lieutenant

who allegedly threatened his neighbor with a gun.


Albert Madrid, 69, is faces charges stemming from an incident Nov. 1

in which police were called to an apartment building in the 100 block of

North Maple Street for the second time that day, said Burbank Police Lt.

Larry Koch.


At 9 p.m., the alleged vicitm called police to ask them to stand by

while he changed the locks to complete the eviction of a tenant at the

Maple Street apartment, Koch said. The officers left when he entered the

apartment without incident.

But at 10 p.m., police were called out to the apartment building a

second time by the victim’s wife. The couple live next door to the


When officers arrived, they were met by the victim, an unidentified


man and Madrid. The victim told officers Madrid threatened him with a


Madrid, who retired from the police department in 1983, said he

pointed his gun at the man because he thought someone was breaking into

the apartment.

No arrests were made at the time and Gonzalez subsequently filed a

citizen’s complaint that has led to an investigation into how the

officers handled themselves during the investigation, Koch said.


That investigation is ongoing and Koch would not release the officers’


“The officers’ feelings at the scene was that in all probability, if

there was a misdemeanor crime, it was one that was not committed in their

presence,” Koch said. “They initiated the investigation that night, but

no arrests were made.”

Because of his status as a retired sworn police officer, Madrid is

permitted to carry a concealed weapon. However, Police Chief David

Newsham said that will change.

“I have taken steps to ensure he will not carry a concealed weapon

until this case is concluded,” Newsham said.

Neither Madrid, whose son Rick Madrid is a sergeant with the Burbank

Police Department, nor his lawyer could be reached for comment. Claudia

Madrid said only that “the incident never occurred.”

The victim did not respond to requests for comment.

Though the alleged crime occurred a month ago and the charges were

filed only Wednesday, Koch said the department was not dragging its feet

because Madrid is a former officer. Investigations of this nature often

take more than a few days to sort out, he said.

“It has nothing to do with who the person is or is not,” Koch said.

“The time is generated by the time it takes to complete a thorough


If he is found guilty, Madrid could face up to a year in county jail

for the assault charge and maximum fine of $10,000. A conviction on a

charge of exhibiting a firearm in a threatening manner carries a sentence

of no less than three months in county jail.

Madrid is scheduled to be arraigned Dec. 29 in Burbank Municipal

Court, Koch said.