In with the cheer, out with the fear

Robert Blechl

MEDIA DISTRICT WEST -- As the millennium nears many people fret a Y2K

catastrophe or an apocalyptic breakdown.

But members of Burbank’s Church of Religious Science aren’t buying it.


The Rev. Marlene Morris and church member and publicist Jeanne

McCafferty have started the “Millennium Book,” a tribute to things people

at the brink of the millennium are thankful for.

The book, which was signed by Dick Clark Thursday, will be taken to


community leaders and residents later this month for their penned

thoughts. After its year-long display at the church, it will be sealed in

a time capsule or stone foundation at midnight New Year’s Day, 2001.

“Its purpose is to turn people’s attention to those things for which

they are grateful in their lives, as opposed to the doomsday

predictions,” Morris said. “There’s a lot to be excited about and this is

a good way to do it.”

McCafferty said it is a privilege to be alive at the brink of 2000.


“It’s an honor that very few people get to witness,” she said.

Besides serving as a record of words of gratitude from the Burbank

community, the 22-by-28-inch walnut-paneled tome will be displayed at the

church along with a description of daily existence in AD 1000. The

exhibit will include a timeline of events that helped shape life today,

making it more fulfilling and less precarious, said Morris.

“We can’t overlook one of the most important inventions of all, the

movable type,” Morris said. “The thoughts of thousands of years ago


finally became accessible to the average person.

“And I think of all the progress in medicine over the past 100 years.

Take it back to 1,000 years ago and it’s not even the same thing anymore.

It’s amazing to me.”

Dick Clark, former host of “American Bandstand” and 28-year host of

“Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve,” said the Millennium Book will also

serve as a life marker.

“New Year’s is a period of reflection for a lot of people and this is

a magnification of that reflection,” Clark said, after signing the book

in his Burbank office. “It reminds people that this a significant time in

their lives.”

As usual, Clark will be seen Dec. 31 by TV viewers in the tens of

millions as the ball drops at the traditional Times Square celebration in

New York. He said his New Year’s gratitude hasn’t wavered.

“I’m thankful for my mother and father bringing me up the way they

did,” Clark said. “And I thank God for my health and for my family,

because that’s really all there is.”


WHAT: A bound tribute to the things for which the Burbank community is


WHERE: The Burbank Church of Religious Science, 260 N. Pass Ave.

WHEN: On display from 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Sundays until the end of

the year and during regular church hours throughout 2000.

PHONE: For more information or to request a viewing of the book for

your organization, call the church at 848-4158.