Gunman gets more than $1,000 in Rite-Aid robbery

Leslie Simmons

MAGNOLIA PARK -- Police are looking for a masked gunman who stole more

than $1,000 from a Rite Aid store after binding two of the store’s

employees with duct tape.


The takeover robbery took place at 10:10 p.m. Sunday when a gunman

wearing what appeared to be to be a ski mask entered an office at the

Rite-Aid store at 1505 W. Olive Ave. and forced an employee to open the

safe, said Burbank Police Lt. Larry Koch.


There were two employees in the store at the time of the robbery. They

had just finished closing the store and checking to make sure no

customers were left inside when they encountered the robber.

When the man entered the office, he ordered a male employee to open

the safe, police said. Once the safe was open, the gunman ordered the

employee to the ground. A female employee was allegedly struck in the

head with a gun and also pushed to the ground.

The gunman then taped their feet and hands together with duct tape


before fleeing with more than $1,000, Koch said.

The employees, who were not identified, managed to free themselves and

call police.

Paramedics responded to the store but determined the woman did not

need medical treatment, Koch said.

The store’s manager and district manager declined to comment on the


Authorities said they have not identified a suspect and that the


investigation is continuing.