Jordan teacher named ‘Educator of the Year’

Irma Lemus

MEDIA DISTRICT WEST -- For Jordan Middle School teacher Linnea Hance,

being honored as Educator of The Year by the California League of Middle

Schools was surprising to say the least.


“I was shocked it is such a huge honor. I was sitting there not

knowing what to say,” said Hance of her experience during the Dec. 7

reception at the California Country Club in Whittier.

Hance, who has worked at the middle school for five years, teaches


seventh and eighth grade English. She said she didn’t think her

relatively short career was enough to qualify her as Educator of the


The Burbank English teacher had the least amount of experience of the

ten teachers honored at the event, which included middle school

instructors from Los Angeles, Santa Barbara and Ventura counties. All

nine other honorees had at least 25 years of teaching under their belts,

said Mary Margaret Kljunak, the principal of Jordan.


“Linnea is one of those people that will step in when there is a

need. It doesn’t matter how full her plate is, she will do the job and do

it well,” said Kljunak.

Kljunak said she nominated Hance to represent Jordan because of the

teacher’s leadership capabilities. She said Hance has been instrumental

in revising the English curriculum standards and acts as the school’s

faculty chair. Hance has also been involved with school fund-raising and

collecting textbooks for the children.


Hance, last year’s Jordan Middle School Teacher of the Year, is the

first teacher from Jordan to earn the Educator of the Year honor in about

four years, said Kljunak. As part of the award, she received a plaque, a

$70 check, gift certificates and a congratulatory letter from state Sen.

Adam Schiff (D-Burbank).