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Shakespeare rocks the house

Amy Dominguez

BURBANK -- What do you get when you cross a classic Shakespeare play

with a classic ‘70s rock band? A spectacular evening of musicaltheater.

In its “Twelfth Dog Night,” the Troubadour Theatre Companygenerates a


hilarious combination of traditional English prose and nostalgic American

rock at The Falcon Theatre in Burbank. The premise may sound totally

bizarre but somehow this talented theater group pulls it off with



The play is Shakespeare’s “Twelfth Night” sprinkled with music of the

‘70s rock group Three Dog Night. This mix will leave your sides aching

from laughter and your toes tappin’ to the groove.

As the Shakespeare tale goes, twin brother and sister become lost at

sea. Girl twin thinks that boy twin has drowned. She then assumes his


She/he then works for a duke and falls in love with him but he is in

love with a countess who is mourning the death of her brother and father.


The twins are reunited, the duke falls for the girl twin, the countess

falls for the boy twin, and everybody’s happy.

Throw in a little “The ink is black, the page is white” and “Just an

Old Fashion Love Song” and you have a unique and tantalizing stage


The best part of this clever and witty production is, of course, the


Stand out cast members are the Feste, a jester, played by Matt Walker,


and Olivia, the countess, played by Rachel Dara Wolfe.

Walker is the glue that holds this tangled web together. His quick wit

and snappy comebacks keep you laughing and informed. No need to bring

your Cliff’s Notes to stay abreast of the Shakespearean language; this

version is easy to follow.

Wolfe plays an engaging countess who goes from high drama to slapstick

comedy comfortably. Also a smashing performance by Michelle Anne Johnson,

who plays Viola, the girl twin.


WHAT: “Twelfth Dog Night” produced by Troubadour Theatre Company.

WHERE: The Falcon Theatre, 4252 Riverside Drive, Burbank.

WHEN: Friday through Saturday at 8 p.m.; Saturday and Sunday at 2 p.m.

through Jan. 16. Special holiday matinees Dec. 27 through 30 at 2 p.m.


PHONE: 955-8101.