Reel Critics

Never reaches boiling point

Jeff Klemzak of La Crescenta owns a roofing business.

Fashioned without the benefit of a musical score, this beautifully

photographed film is not exactly a remake of the 1950s classic “The King


and I.” This version, although faithful to the east meets west theme of

the original, relies on richly delicate sets and the lush tropical

countryside of Siam rather than song to further its now familiar tale of

getting to know you.


This ponderous film is woefully slow to take off and although it has

its bursts of energy, it never seems to reach the boiling point. Filmed

as a visual pageant, the pace of the film seems to follow the words of

the Siamese prime minister who admonishes an impatient Anna over and

over again that, in Siam, all in its own time.

Outstanding performances, spectacular scenery

Leslie Thurston of Burbank is an actress and substitute teacher.

“Anna and the King” is simply magnificent. The film is filled with


powerful, convictions and passion from start to finish.

Jodie Foster and Chow Yun-Fat are to commended, leading a cast where

performances are outstanding all around. The scenery is spectacular,

hypnotically drawing you into Siam’s countryside, its rivers and the most

beautiful palace.

The story is told from the perspective of the king’s eldest son, which

you soon forget because all that you can see and feel are the people

right in front of you.


So, go fall in love ...with the human soul.