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Can’t we all get along?

I have to commend Don Elsmore, Ron Vanderford, Stan Hyman, and now,

Mike Nowak, from Glendale, for having extensive background information

about the airport issue.


They quote it freely. But, invariably, it is used against the airport.

Can’t they say anything positive about a form of transportation that

brings business, jobs and revenue to the city?

It is an integral part of the community. Is there something wrong with


two sides (the city of Burbank and the airport) negotiating with each

other to find a solution to the noise problems?

Mr. Nowak quotes a study predicting the future about the number of

flights that will increase at the Burbank Airport. Because it’s a study

doesn’t guarantee that it’s correct. If you’d like to hear disparate

results from studies by eminent experts, try the subject of global





Leader short on pageant coverage

I am writing to express my disappointment on your coverage of the Miss

Burbank and Miss Teen Burbank pageants. I was hoping to find big color

pictures of the “new queens of Burbank.” Instead, I found a small article

(“Belles of the ball,” Dec. 8) and an even smaller picture on the back of

the page.

I would hope that The Leader would see what a wonderful event this


was. The Miss Burbank Pageant has been an exciting annual highlight for

over half a century. This also happens to be the Miss Burbank Pageant for

the Year 2000.

I attended the event myself, and I was very impressed as well as

entertained. The competition was organized and funded by our city’s

Junior Chamber of Commerce. All proceeds go to help local charities (Boys

and Girls Club and others). The Burbank Jaycees worked very hard for no

money to make this very special event a success.

To top it off legendary movie star and Miss Burbank 1948 Debbie

Reynolds was the special guest. She got up on stage, spoke of her days as

Miss Burbank and made everyone laugh. She is a class act and I was hoping

to see a picture of her in the paper. Debbie Reynolds brings so much

notoriety to our little town.

Perhaps I am a little biased because I am the former director and

producer of the Miss Burbank USA and Miss Burbank Teen USA pageants

(1995-97) as well as Miss Burbank USA, 1993-94. I spent several months

working my tail off in order to bring to the residents a fabulous show.

Just a few years ago the Burbank Leader was extremely supportive of our

annual event. I have many great memories of my year as a titleholder,

thanks to the Burbank Leader.

I hope you show our new Miss Burbank, Dawna Gunn, and Miss Teen

Burbank, Samantha Mollaun, plenty of support. I watched both young ladies

win their crowns and I was thoroughly impressed. They both are very

articulate, sophisticated, elegant and intelligent people. They will

represent our city in a most dignified way.



Attacking for attack’s sake

Louis Robins’ Dec. 18 letter, (‘Politics make strange bedfellows’),

began: “Whatever happened to U.S. Rep. James Rogan’s sharp tongue?"Then

he viciously attacked Rogan because he hasn’t said anything for which he

could be attacked.

Just goes to show that hatred is its own motivator. Left-wing fanatics

are so full of venom that they don’t even need a flimsy excuse to spew it

in any direction.