Burbank firefighters lend hands in Glendale blaze

BURBANK -- About 20 Burbank Fire Department personnel were among the

hundreds of emergency workers called out this week to to help battle a

brush fire in the San Rafael mountains above Glendale and La Canada



More than 15 firefighters, two battalion chief and a safety officer

from the Burbank Fire Department joined the effort at about 10 p.m.

Tuesday after receiving a request from the Glendale Fire Department, said

Burbank Fire Marshal Darryl Forbes.


The Burbank crew stayed on the scene until about 7 p.m. Wednesday,

fighting the flames, clearing brush and putting out hot spots along side

firefighters from as far away as Orange County, Forbes said.

Burbank firefighters were assigned to an area off Verdugo Boulevard,

north of Glendale Community College and west of the Glendale (2) Freeway,

along the hillside near several residential neighborhoods, said Battalion

Chief Ray Krakowski.

Although no homes were destroyed, dozens were threatened when high


winds pushed the flames close to several upscale neighborhoods. In all,

800 acres of brushland burned in the fire.

Forbes said Burbank Fire Department was automatically called to help

combat the blaze because it’s part of the Verdugo system, which also

includes the Pasadena and Glendale fire departments. Along with two

engines from stations 14 and 16, Burbank sent a 2,500-gallon water tender

truck, Forbes said.

The fire, which is believed to have started either from a downed power


line or a blown electrical transformer, burned within 100 feet of homes

in the hills above Glendale. None were damaged and no injuries were

reported. The one casualty of the blaze was the Glendale Police

Department firing range.

Additional personnel were called in during the fire to fill the void

at the Burbank stations that sent firefighters to the Glendale fire,

Forbes said.

The Burbank Police Department also sent five officers and a supervisor

to assist the Glendale Police Department with traffic control from about

11 p.m Tuesday to 4 a.m. Wednesday, said Burbank Police Lt. Robert Giles.

On Wednesday, Burbank invited the Glendale Police Department to use

its firing range until Glendale’s is back in order, Burbank Police

Rangemaster Larry Nichols said.