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New Year’s Closures

Irma Lemus

*Burbank Post Offices will be open regular hours Friday -- 8 a.m. to

5:30 p.m. -- and closed Saturday in observance of New Year’s Day.

*Burbank City Hall will be closed Friday and will reopen Monday.


*Burbank libraries will be closed Friday and Saturday in observance of

the holiday and will reopen Sunday.

*The Burbank Police and Fire departments will remain open throughout

the holiday.


*Hourly updates on Y2K effects in the city of Burbank will be

available New Year’s Eve and New Year’s day at:

Burbank Cable television channel 6

BAM Burbank AM radio 1620

City of Burbank Y2K information line, (800) 994-2872

*Rich Baenen, emergency service coordinator for the Burbank Fire

Department, urged residents to use the 911 telephone service for

emergencies only. Those calling 911 at midnight on Jan. 1 to see if the


phone lines are working risk causing delays to those who are experiencing

genuine emergencies. If too many people attempt to use their phones at

once on midnight on Jan. 1, the system could shut down, Baenen said.