From wild to mild

Robert Blechl

BURBANK -- You wouldn't know it from Tuesday morning's gloom, but the

first heat wave of the year made its mark by melting a record last


Sunday's peak temperature reached 94, frying the old record for the

day of 92 set in 1967.

But the high pressure began to break Monday. Although humid, Monday's

high was 81, paling in comparison to another record of 92 set in 1967.

Today through Friday should be milder as well, said meteorologist Bruce

Rockwell of the National Weather Service, but the mercury may rise again

by the weekend.

Although Saturday was a sizzling 93 degrees, it fell well short of the

105 degrees registered on that date in 1942.

Weather Service officials say a high-pressure system centered over

Central and Northern California was the culprit for the unseasonable

weekend weather.

"It's preventing the sea breeze from coming inland," said Rockwell.

"Normally, you get a flow, but the system is capping it off."

Rockwell said it is too early to tell if the high temperatures are

a portent to a scorching summer.

Some like it hot, some don't.

Friends Jason Diaz and Sam Sirmbekian, both 15 and students at

Bellarmine-Jefferson High School, couldn't be more different in their

weather tastes.

"I'm really a winter fan," Diaz said. "To stay cool, I take a lot of

showers and eat a lot of ice cream."

But Sirmbekian prefers a vibrant sun.

"I like the heat," he said.

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