SUV doused with gasoline is destroyed

Jenna Bordelon

HILLSIDE DISTRICT -- A sports utility vehicle was drenched in gasoline

and set ablaze in an alleged dispute over a lost court case.

The 1997 GMC Yukon was completely destroyed, Burbank Fire Capt. Bob

Reinhardt said. The damage was estimated at around $25,000.

"We have a possible suspect at this time," he said, "but the

investigation is pending."

The alleged arsonist may have been involved in a civil dispute with

Andre Aslanyan, 30s, the owner of the vehicle, Reinhardt said.

"The possible suspect had taken this gentleman to court for an

undisclosed amount of money," he said, "and he lost."

The vehicle was parked at a curb in the 900 block of East Orange Grove

Avenue at 4:40 a.m. Saturday when it was set afire.

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