Letter -- Bill Wiggins

Having publicly stated in the past that I am in favor of term limits,

I would also like to publicly state what we all know -- there are

exceptions to every case.

I believe that Dave Golonski is an exception, or more aptly,

exceptional. I believe that when an individual demonstrates he can do a

job well and desires to continue in that job, as is the case with Dave,

then vote him in.

I have had the pleasure of working with Dave Golonski for the past

eight years and have come to admire Dave's honesty, work ethic and unique

ability to "think outside the box."

He has worked tirelessly to create new innovative solutions to old

issues during his council career.

Dave has been at the forefront in the attempt to craft a compromise

for a new airport terminal of which our citizens can be proud yet know

that their neighborhoods and quality of life will be protected.

He has led the way in a unique effort to thwart gang activity in the

Elmwood Avenue area, winning state recognition for our city.

The successful "Got Wheels" program, aimed at the transportation needs

of our youth, is but another example of Dave's efforts to expand services

for all our citizens.

I'm proud to have worked alongside Dave Golonski since 1994, and I

look forward to having him serve our city for another four years.

Please join me. Vote Dave in.



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