Police open Youth Academy

Lolita Harper

CIVIC CENTER -- It might sound like a fun way to spend a few weeks

during the summer, but police officials are not ashamed to admit they

have ulterior motives for offering the summertime Youth Academy.

"Ideally, this is step one in a long-term strategy to help our

long-term recruiting efforts," Burbank Police Chief Tom Hoefel said. "The

idea is to get these young adults and get them interested in law

enforcement at an early age."

Youth Academy is a three-week-long program designed to educate and

interest Burbank youth in grades 9 through 12 in a law enforcement

career, Burbank Officer Darin Ryburn said.

"It will also be a life-building experience that teaches a lot of

aspects of growing up," Ryburn said.

Police officials hope that Youth Academy participants will then join

the Cadet Program, which the department plans to start again in the next

few months, Hoefel said.

Cadets can become recruits and recruits can become sworn officers. The

process begins by teaching members of the youth community the Burbank way

of doing things, Ryburn said.

"Look at kids that are now 6 or 7. Those are our police officers in

2020," Hoefel said.


WHAT: Burbank Police Youth Academy

WHEN: 9 a.m. to noon Monday through Thursday, July 16 to Aug. 2

WHERE: Burbank Police Department, 200 N. 3rd St.

COST: Free

PHONE: 238-3235

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