City employee benefits

Public Employees Retirement System: The city pays both the employee

and employer portions into its retirement account each month. Burbank

Police officers pay 9%, and the city pays 8.058% into the account.

Burbank firefighters pay 9%, and the city pays 0.031% into the account.

All other city employees pay 7%, and the city pays 0% into the retirement


Health Insurance: Burbank police officers receive $556.58 each month

for health benefits. Burbank's six fire battalion chiefs receive $542.67.

Firefighters receive $508.88. Burbank's executive employees receive

$703.75. Members of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers

receive $519.02. Burbank Management Assn. employees receive $548.75.

Unrepresented managers receive $545.69. Union city employees receive

$515.19. And nonunion city employees receive $505.19. Any money not spent

each month on personal health insurance can be spent on dependent care or

placed in a deferred compensation plan -- a non-taxed retirement account.

Life Insurance: Executive employees receive $100,000, though the City

Manager and City Attorney receive $500,000. Managers and City Council

members receive $50,000. Union and non-union city employees receive

$30,000. IBEW members receive $15,000. And police and fire employees

receive $10,000.

Vacation and Sick Days: City employees and police officers are given

one sick day each month. Vacation days are based on the length of

service. Those employed less than five years receive two weeks of

vacation each year, those employed more than five years receive three

weeks and those employed more than 15 years receive four weeks.

Firefighters employed less than eight years receive two weeks, those

employed less than 17 years receive three weeks and those employed more

than 17 years receive four weeks.

Car Allowance: Executive employees receive a car allowance of $374 a

month. The city clerk and treasurer receive $125 per month. The city

manager receives a city-owned vehicle. The police and fire chiefs have

the option of using a city-owned vehicle or receiving a car allowance.

Professional Development: Employees can be reimbursed for expenses

that are used for professional development, including membership to

professional organizations, the use of exercise facilities and attendance

at business seminars and conferences.

Uniform Allowance: Police officers receive a uniform allowance of

$1,000 per year for the purchase and maintenance of their uniforms.

Managers of the fire department receive $600 per year, while all other

firefighters receive an allowance of $532 a year.

Merit Pay: Union city employees, managers and executive employees are

eligible for an annual bonus program based on performance. The maximum

amount that can be earned for management and city employees is 5%, while

executive employees can earn up to 10% of their annual base salary.

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