Santa drops in, via chopper

Gary Moskowitz

MEDIA CITY CENTER -- When you're a child living in Burbank, snow

falling in front of the Media City Center -- 15 tons of it -- is a big


So is Santa Claus flying in on a helicopter and stepping onto Magnolia

Boulevard, complete with a white beard, rosy cheeks and a bag full of


For parent and event coordinator Katy Mason, the annual holiday show

at the Media City Center is a magical day for Burbank families.

"Watching the looks on the children's faces as Santa approaches, and

waving at him in the sky, is magical," Mason said. "The kids are so

enchanted and engrossed by his stories, and they love the snow."

In addition to listening to Santa Claus and Frosty the Snowman -- who

greeted Santa as he stepped out of the helicopter -- tell holiday

stories, Burbank children made snowmen and snow angels with the 15 tons

of snow made possible by a snow machine.

Hundreds of area residents attended Friday's third annual holiday show

at the Media City Center, which included performances by John Burroughs

High School's Edwardian Choir, local children's choirs and Frosty the

Snowman's "Magic in the Making" performance, which included magic tricks.

Children who attended were treated to live broadcasts from Radio

Disney -- a family radio station that plays popular music and music from

Disney films -- and received giveaways including stickers and movie


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