Eastwood, Spacey, Elton John amp up Burbank's star power

Laura Sturza

BURBANK -- In a triple-header day of film and video shoots, major

stars hit Burbank neighborhoods Thursday.

City Hall acted as a stand-in for the courthouse in "The United States

of Leland," starring Kevin Spacey and Don Cheadle.

Across town, the Clint Eastwood feature "Blood Work" was setting off

simulated gunshots and staging car stunts near the 2500 block of Burbank


Meanwhile, a 1970s-style house on Grinnell Drive played host to Elton

John's newest music video. The pop superstar moved to the Starlight Bowl

for additional shots at night.

"The size of this one is pretty big," Police Department Senior Clerk

Norma Brolsma said. "Usually we have a commercial here ... we've had

major features. But to have three with major stars at one time is

probably a rarity."

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