Burbank keeps it green

Laura Sturza

BURBANK -- Trees give a lot more to the community than just an

aesthetic boost, and Burbank residents can help increase the city's tree

population during the Plant-a-Tree campaign.

"They provide oxygen [and] the shade reduces heat around the city,"

Parks, Recreation and Community Services Director Mike Flad said. "[They

also] absorb a lot of sound, which keeps the city quieter. And of course,

it provides a great habitat for birds."

Citizens, organizations and businesses are invited to contribute by

planting trees in city parks for the 47th annual fund-raising drive.

Last year, the city planted six 36-inch Sycamores, which cost about

$400 each, Park Services Division Deputy Director Jan Bartolo said.

While Burbank has its own funds budgeted for trees, spokeswoman Cinda

Cates said this is a way for the community to participate in maintaining

Burbank's designation as a "Tree City" by the National Arbor Day


All "Tree Cities" must meet three requirements, Bartolo said. "We

have to have an ordinance that talks about preserving and protecting

trees, we have to have a designation for care and maintenance of trees,

and also to conduct an annual Arbor Day program," Bartolo said.

Burbank has already seen a lot of new trees this year.

"It's been a great year for trees," Flad said. "The Empire Center put

in hundreds of trees."

Arbor Day is a holiday that promotes tree planting and tree care,

celebrated in California on Friday.

Contributions can be made payable to the City of Burbank and sent to

the Plant-a-Tree Program, c/o Burbank Civic Pride Committee, City Hall,

275 E. Olive Ave. Burbank, CA 91502.

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