Letter -- Stephanie Saucedo

In response to Denny Grossman's letter, "Group of activists shouldn't

get its way":

Sometimes it takes a minority to finally open the eyes of the

majority. Our state lawmakers don't think the mascot issue is "real

stupid." It's real necessary to ensure that no child feels racially

discriminated against while attending school. This issue is not about the

feelings of adults and their days as an Indian, it's about the feelings

of children. All children should have a voice. Our school board didn't

think these voices mattered, but they were wrong.

Make no mistake, it was not an honor to have a derogatory picture of

an Indian at John Burroughs. It was not an honor to have Arcadia High

School print an underground newspaper titled "Stupid Indian." It's not an

honor to have banners with the words, "Better dead than red" painted on

them. These are examples of complete disrespect, and racism in its purist

form. Apparently some of our state Assembly members agree.

Mr. Grossman and the majority of Americans, as he claims, can continue

to think that their mascots are proud and strong symbols. As part of the

minority, I'm telling you they are not. Our voices matter, and we will be

heard in Sacramento.



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