Son day for Adam and Eve

Karen S. Kim

The newest member of Rep. Adam Schiff's family ought to be happy

his parents waited so long to name him.

The task of finding a name for the baby, born 2:47 p.m. Wednesday

at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, proved to be a search punctuated with

silliness, teasing and creativity on the part of Schiff (D-Burbank),

his family, friends and staff.

The first suggestions to be thrown out were to name Schiff's baby

based on the Bible, playing on the fact that Schiff's wife is named


"Lots of people suggested Cain or Abel and even Seth," Schiff said

Friday as he went to pick up mother and baby from the hospital. "But

have you ever tried to say Seth Schiff? We weren't going to put the

child through that their whole life."

Schiff's staff suggested naming the baby "Early Schiff" or "Late

Schiff" or even "Maximus Schiff," after the character in the movie

"Gladiator." Schiff took the joke a step further, sug- gesting the

baby be called "G. Maximus Schiff" for gluteus maximus.

In the end, the 20.5-inch baby weighing 7 pounds 2 ounces was

named Elijah Harris. Adam and Eve just liked the name Elijah. Harris

is the name of Adam Schiff's grandfather.

"He is a sweet little guy who came out really perfect," Papa

Schiff said. "His head wasn't squeezed in a funny way ... He popped

out pretty much ready to roll."

The next month of the congressman's life will be filled with

spending time with his new son and 4-year-old daughter Alexa, he

said. Elijah was born just five days after Schiff returned home to

Burbank after the congressional session came to a close July 26.

"I would like to say we planned to have a baby in August, but it

was just dumb luck," Schiff said. "I'm already nostalgic for when

Alexa was littler. I'm just thrilled I get to go through it all


But Alexa seemed even more excited than Schiff as she welcomed her

baby brother home. "I feel great having a baby brother," she said.

"I'm so excited."

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