Seized dogs recovering

Ryan Carter

A sign posted outside Pamela Miller's home reads, "No Trespassing

... All domestic animals are $15,000 each. Property is for sale for

$1 million."

Some said it was a symbol of Miller's devotion to her dogs.

But for Burbank Police investigating Miller for keeping 86 dogs

inside her home, it's a sad testament to misguided effort.

After being seized July 26, the dogs were placed at the Burbank

Animal Shelter and the privately owned Landmark Kennels across from

Miller's house in the 100 block of West Linden Avenue.

The city is paying $735 a day for Landmark Kennels to care for 49

of the dogs; the rest are at the animal shelter.

Some are adoptable, officials said.

Police allege Miller violated a March 2001 order prohibiting her

from keeping more than three dogs.

Miller could not be reached for comment.

The dogs are recovering after being found in foul-smelling,

100-degree rooms, authorities said.

Miller was not living in the house and police are still searching

for her.

"Surprisingly, for what they've been through, they are sociable,"

Burbank Animal Control Officer Claudia Madrid said of the dogs.

Police Capt. Gordon Bowers said that pending the speed of the

criminal case -- the dogs are considered evidence -- officials will

try to place them with rescue groups, but some are old and have

behavioral problems.

People who know Miller said she intends to fight for her dogs.

Since the court injunction, which forced her out of Burbank, she has

tried to move them to various counties, including Riverside and

Orange. She could not find a facility willing to take them, neighbor

Bruce Johnson said.

"She's a refugee," Johnson said, adding that Miller checked on the

dogs during the week.

Many people said the well-intentioned Miller was simply


Fearful the dogs would be destroyed or mistreated, Miller always

took ones no one else wanted, Johnson said.

"I know of dozens of times when we came out here to find that

someone just tied a dog to her fence," he said.

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