Burbank students remember tragedy

Molly Shore

The school year had barely begun when Burbank students and

educators assembled in their schools throughout the district to pay

tribute to the people who died on Sept. 11, 2001.

Three poignant words, "God Bless America," appeared on the

Memorial Field scoreboard Wednesday at John Burroughs High School

while the American flag flew at half-staff.

Students filed onto the field and took their seats in the

bleachers. Senior Manny Silva said that even though the occasion was

a sad one, it was important to be there to honor the people who lost

their lives.

"We'll get to reflect on Sept. 11," he said.

Sitting next to Manny, senior Yvette Dominguez said she was moved

by the patriotism in the community, but noted that it was sad that it

took this event to bring people together.

"I'm proud to be an American. It's important that I talk about it

because I'm American, even though I'm half Mexican," Yvette said.

Principal Emilio Urioste told the assembled group, "We, the people

of the United States of America, still stand united as a community

and a nation celebrating democracy in the land of the free and the

home of the brave."

After the national anthem was played by the school's marching band

and sung by the school choir, heads bowed as Urioste called for a

moment of silent reflection.

Local dignitaries, including Mayor David Laurell, school board

President Richard Raad, Police Chief Tom Hoefel and Fire Chief

Michael Davis, joined the assemblage on the field.

Other observances included Burbank High School with a moment of

silence at 9:04 a.m., followed by tributes from staff members.

At Washington Elementary School, students read the Gettysburg

address, while at Muir Middle School, students carried the flags from

their classrooms to the assembly on Mustang Field.

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