Women who like to watch

Laura Sturza

Reading women's minds is not the strong suit of the hosts of NBC's

"The Other Half."

But the four men make every effort to understand how women think

and feel, and their viewers -- more than 65% female -- show an

interest in helping train them.

"You're the superior beings," co-host Dorian Gregory said of

women. "You've got to explain things to us because we're not as


Hosted by Dick Clark, Danny Bonaduce, Mario Lopez and Gregory, the

program is the only rookie talk series to be renewed for 2002-03,

officials said.

Taping moved from Hollywood to NBC's Burbank studios in September

to be closer to its distributor, NBC Enterprises, officials said.

While the hosts submit themselves to experiments in waxing and

grooming to learn how the other half lives, women watch in order to

understand the perspectives of four different men.

"We're more here to tell you what you're really going to get [from

a man]," Bonaduce said. "It doesn't matter what you really want,

you're going to end up with some version of me."

With topics ranging from fashion to friendship to sex and

marriage, the show draws on experts for advice, audience interaction,

guest stars -- often attractive men who can get a rise from the

audience -- and staged demonstrations.

The show that aired Sept. 23 featured a demonstration of "dating

masks." Women representing a jock and other stereotypes approached

the hosts, who acted as potential dates.

When the materialistic women asked if her date's shirt was Prada

or Ralph Lauren, Gregory said, "It's Ross."

Then, with the help of relationship expert Wendy Walsh, the men

dissected the masks, giving viewers a look at how they may come

across on first dates.

"The Other Half" airs at noon weekdays on KNBC-TV Channel 4.

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