'Santa Clause 2' a ho-ho-ho lot of fun

Sareen Kellzi, 14, of Glendale is a 10th-grader at Clark Magnet

High School in Glendale.

Tim Allen is back as Santa Claus just in time for the holiday

season in the amusing sequel "Santa Clause 2." In the first film,

Scott Calvin (Tim Allen) is a businessman who becomes Santa Claus one

night when he accident- ally puts on Santa's coat.

This time around, Calvin is well over the shock of his discovery

and loves his new job. However, new problems begin to arise. Calvin's

son Charlie is on the "Naughty list" and is doing poorly in school.

To make things worse, Santa discovers he must get married by

Christmas Eve or he will lose his job.

He leaves the North Pole to the control of a power-hungry

duplicate Santa Claus and goes home to spend more time with his son

and begin searching for a Mrs. Claus.

This movie is very good and can entertain a wide age group. Young

children will enjoy the elaborate factory in the North Pole with all

the elves, reindeer and Santa Claus, and older children can

understand the conversations. Parents will like it as much as their


Overall, "Santa Clause 2" is a great family movie, especially to

get you in that holiday spirit.

"Santa Clause 2" is rated G.

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