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IMAX format of ‘Lion King’ something to roar about

Myles Grene, 11, of Burbank is a sixth-grader attending Luther

Burbank Middle School.

If you are looking for a movie for the whole family, you have

found the golden ticket. “The Lion King” has been re-released in


large IMAX format. Simba and all of his friends and foe are back

bigger, louder and better than ever before on the big screen.

The movie is essentially the same as it was in 1995, but with a few clever add-ons. Scar is still his evil and ruthless self, making

him a perfect villain. He taunts, pesters and even kills his own


family members. But Simba has other plans in mind to wreck Scar’s

schemes against his own family.

It is worth the effort to go see it again with your kids or by

yourself. This new IMAX version impressed me with its large, new-age

screen display, bringing you closer to the action and keeping you on

the edge of your seat the whole time.

The Myles Magazine gives it four stars out of five, and the Grene

Gazette gives it two thumbs up.


“The Lion King” is rated G.

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