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Realtor wants to provide affordable housing

Laura Sturza

While Burbank is already “the envy of cities nationwide,” Brian

Malone hopes to keep the city in top form -- though if elected as a

councilman, he would face potential state budget cuts.


“We don’t know what those state challenges are yet,” Malone said.

The City Council hopeful will run against nine other candidates in

the Feb. 25 primary for one of two vacant council seats.

By being “meticulous in analyzing issues,” open-minded, and


interested in listening to residents’ concerns, Malone believes he

would add to the work of a council already tackling issues that are

high on his priority list -- including downtown revitalization and

affordable housing.

“The city has a moral responsibility for providing affordable

housing,” the residential real-estate agent said.

Having worked on the city’s airport review committee, the

55-year-old candidate says he will “fight for protections against


noise and terminal expansion” at the Burbank-Glendale-Pas- adena


“If and when we were to have a replacement terminal, the

protections would have to be in place on noise [and a] curfew,”

Malone said.

In addition, the candidate advocates neighborhood protection plans

that will provide buffers from increases in traffic, pollution,

parking problems and crime.