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‘About Schmidt’ didn’t leave critic a happy Jack

Billie Nichols of Burbank is a Realtor associate.

Retiring after a moderately successful career as an insurance

executive, Schmidt (Jack Nicholson) reflects on his 42-year marriage

of tedium, with the exception of a daughter he loves. He begins a


journey of life, with stress, boredom and periodic levity. He faces

death and a wedding he wishes would not happen.

Hoping to find himself along the way, he bungles, tells white

lies, but remains sane and undaunted. The reality of his mundane


existence follows him to the realization we are what we are. He

intends to continue until the inevitable end.

The cast is superb. Kathy Bates never disappoints. Nicholson uses

at least 50 of his many facial expressions. Truly, a tour de force of

emotions crossed his brow.

In spite of a less-than-exciting pace, the time went by much

quicker than I imagined. However, I was expecting more light moments

and was, therefore, disappointed by the seriousness of the story. I


must confess; I prefer Nicholson in more demonic roles.

“About Schmidt” is rated R for some language and brief nudity.

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