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Reader wonders about BTA endorsements I...

Reader wonders about BTA endorsements

I read with interest about the Burbank Teachers Assn.'s

endorsement for the school board. The BTA are the representatives of

teachers of the Burbank Unified School District. They know what the


working atmosphere within the schools is and they blame the current

school board. They see how bad the budget problems are and don’t want

more of the same. The BTA is smart enough to remember the way the

current board treated Dr. Aponik. Obviously, the BTA wants better and


more trustworthy leadership for the schools.

It makes sense that the BTA would endorse Dave Kemp, who is a

retired teacher and a former BTA president. However, I wonder what

experience Mr. Applebaum and Mr. Krekorian have with the schools. Do

they have children in the schools? According to Will Rogers, Mr.

Krekorian has not even been in Burbank very long.

I am glad the BTA did not endorse the incumbents, but I’d really

like to know more about the folks they are endorsing.




Leaving out lockers was bad decision

Over the holiday, I was talking with a student at John Burroughs

High School about all the improvements at the school. I was most

surprised to hear there are no lockers in the new buildings. How do

small freshman carry all their heavy books all day? Is it safe to

have large backpacks littering the aisles of classrooms? What happens


during an earthquake or fire? What about a kid on crutches or even a


Did the current school board really spend bond money thinking this

was a good idea to disregard health and safety?

I hope to retire soon, and I know that my property taxes will be

paying for this bond for a long time.

I trusted the current board to use bond money wisely. It looks

like I was wrong and shouldn’t have been so trusting. I am going to

vote for new people that are trustworthy -- not the incumbents.



City needs to drop Jesus case

Regarding the article concerning the ban on the use of the name of

Jesus Christ during invocations, I had to write. The city plans to

appeal the state court decision.

Burbank is a melting pot. It has residents of other religions

other than Christianity. Burbank is also made up of those who are

Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist and others. In other words, not all people

believe in Christ.

The fact that the city is going ahead with the appeal shows a

blatant disregard for people of other religions. Aside from that, the

Constitution guarantees separation of church and state. The city

claims that it is pursuing the appeal due to the 1st Amendment. If it

truly believes in free speech, then it is doing a disservice to the

residents of Burbank by not allowing other things.

The city chooses to constantly waste money hand over fist, so

people can hear an invocation which includes the utterance of the

name of Jesus Christ.

Leave it as it is, people, and give help to people who truly are

suffering in this city because they don’t have the resources to get