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Architect helps build agreement

Laura Sturza

Architect Jef Vander Borght puts his expertise to use in building

structures, as well as building consensus among his colleagues, he



The incumbent councilman -- who was appointed in March after

former mayor Bob Kramer resigned -- is running against nine

candidates in the Feb. 25 primary for one of two vacant council



“My top priority is to address the [state] budget cutbacks,”

Vander Borght said. “In any other election, a lofty goal would be to

improve city services. I think in this election, a lofty goal is to

maintain city services at their current level.”

Along with his ability to work with people who have different

views in reaching agreement, the incumbent said his even-tempered

nature, open-mindedness and commitment to public service would be put

to use if he is elected.


Another goal is to seek traffic relief by adding left- turn

signals at critical intersections, and to consider building parking

structures to replace parking lanes, providing more room for driving


The architect does not see the Burbank-Glendale- Pasadena Airport

as a concern that can be solved once and for all. The airline

industry continues to evolve, he said, with planes that could have

entirely different noise levels or passenger capacity than those


currently in use.

“Realism is the fact that we will have to manage the issues around

the airport for the rest of our political careers,” Vander Borght

said. “No one solution will ever address all of the issues

surrounding the airport.”

While the city has “been fortunate at being able to attract

development,” Burbank is already a built-up city, so businesses that

officials should aim to bring to town must be carefully monitored, he


“A high, high priority has to be attracting another car

dealership,” Vander Borght said. “The reason is obvious -- attracting

tax dollars.”