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Leader reader has hefty to-do list for residents

I certainly would not tell you what to do, but ...

Let’s make our airport safe as well as beautiful, to welcome our

traveling guests into Burbank, and give us all a convenient portal to

the world.


Let’s build new schools and libraries, let’s not fire people for

political reasons, and give our dedicated teachers the support they


Let’s be grateful to a police and fire department that responds to


an emergency call in less than two minutes and makes us think, and,

many times, laugh out loud.

Let’s be willing to defend how much better Burbank is than

Glendale to any friend who might happen to live there.

Let’s thank God for Providence St. Joseph Medical Center and its

great doctors and nurses who save lives every day.

Let’s acknowledge a bright City Council and mayor who handle our

city business and still treat crazy people with respect.


Let’s play ... maybe golf at our beautiful and friendly DeBell

course, which just happens to overlook the world.

Let’s not forget Sept. 11, 2001, or go to war without feeling as

though we have no other choice.

Let’s bring some exciting new stores and restaurants into downtown

to fill up those ugly, empty spaces.

Let’s take a moment to say “hello” to our neighbors and each



Oh, and let’s thank ex-Mayor Kramer, who seems to really want to

help people. He seems genuine to me.

I certainly would not want to tell you what to do ... but I do

love living here in Burbank and would tell you just that, if you