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Thomas Jefferson Elementary School, a California...

Thomas Jefferson Elementary School, a California Distinguished

School, was modernized with bond funds approved by Burbank voters.

The total of $3.3 million spent on modernization at Jefferson



* Utility services such as new plumbing fixtures and restrooms,

air conditioning, lighting and technology upgrades for improved

Internet access.

* Appearance improvements in all classrooms and common areas,


improved campus security and access for disabled students and staff.

* Classroom upgrades including storage cabinets, whiteboards that

allow the use of colored pens and magnetic posting and surfaces for

displaying students’ work.

* Creation of a curriculum lab and new workroom for teachers and


While we can all admire with pride the physical improvements in

our schools, the most important aspect of the modernization program


is the improved learning environment for our students and teachers.

Students in a Jefferson fifth-grade class were asked how the

modernization has benefited them, and they wrote:

* Jessie: “It’s great to have bulletin boards all around the room

because our teacher can hang more of our work up.”

* Adam: “Better lights have also helped me by letting me see what

the teacher is explaining.”

* Evan: “I’m so glad about the new bulletin boards so when my Mom


and Dad come for open house, they can see my work.”

* Haley: “Air conditioning has really made me so much happier in

class. I never wanted to do something active at recess or lunch

because I knew I was going to get too hot.”

* Jasmine: “Without air conditioning, everyone would be red after

recess. No one could concentrate really well because everyone was so


When we have pleasant surroundings for our students, their ability

to learn and pride in their work improves.

The modernization enables our teachers and staff to better teach

and administer to the needs of our students.

The modernization program at Jefferson, and other Burbank schools,

has accomplished the objectives established when the bond funds were

approved by the voters. The outstanding management of these funds has

made possible additional improvements that could not be included in

the original budgets. Our Burbank schools will be a source of

community pride for many years to come.


Community Oversight

Committee Member