Teachers’ organization further explains endorsements

Irene Parsons is correct (Jan. 8, “Reader wonders about BTA

endorsements”) that the Burbank Teachers Assn. has not endorsed the

school board incumbents because we believe they have caused a crisis

of confidence among parents and employee groups.


They presided over the fiscal mismanagement that resulted in a

$3-million budget shortfall in 2001-02, and also ineptly handled the

dismissal and reassignment of the former superintendent, David



To answer Ms. Parsons’ request for more information on our

endorsements, BTA recommends three candidates who can begin the

process of positive change and restore trust and confidence between

the board and parents, teachers and staff.

Dave Kemp is a highly respected former teacher at Burbank High

School. In 34 years of teaching, Dave served as teacher, mentor,

coach and athletic director at BHS. Dave was a member of the BTA

negotiating team but was not president, as Parsons stated.


Paul Krekorian, a local attorney, is a husband, father and Burbank

homeowner. He has a child who attends Jefferson Elementary School,

where Paul is a member (and former vice-chair) of the school site

council. Paul is also a member of the Burbank United In Library

Development and continues to work toward construction of a new

Central Library.

Larry Applebaum is the owner of a musical instrument repair

business, and is a lifelong resident of Burbank. He is the father of


a 5-month-old daughter who will attend Burbank public schools. Larry

has served as a member of the Police Commission of the Burbank Police

Department, and is on the board of directors of Leadership Burbank.



Burbank Teachers Assn.