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Bulldog teams forced to take act...

Bulldog teams forced to take act on road

Burbank High’s track and field teams will have to get used to

being away from home for all of their meets next season -- which is

three weeks away.


The Bulldog boys’ and girls’ squads have been put out because

their running track is unusable. Because of ongoing demolition of the

old school buildings, Burbank has been left with three-quarters of

the track.


“It will be a challenge for us to get our workouts in,” Burbank

Coach Darin Wolf said. “We will have to do our sprint workouts at


The track teams aren’t the lone Bulldog squads affected by the

construction project. The baseball team has had some of its facility

taken away as well.

“We thought we wouldn’t have any teams playing on campus for the

spring season,” said Helen Quayle, assistant principal of activities


and athletics. “But although we scheduled all the baseball games as

away games, we might be able to move some back because the team won’t

be affected as much as we first thought.”

That is no consolation to Wolf.

“We lost more than we thought we were going to, and [the baseball

team] lost less,” he said. “We will just have to deal with it.”

Will the real Eriberto please stand up

Burbank High boys’ soccer player Eriberto Cosio shares a unique


name with a questionable pro athlete.

Last season, a Brazilian midfielder by the name of Eriberto --

players often go by just one name -- suited up for Chievo Verona,

which plays in the first division in Italy.

He had gone by that name since he began playing in Italy during

the 1998-99 season, when he starred with Bologna.

However, last summer, it came to light that Eriberto had used a

fake birth certificate when he first came to Italy, seeking a work


A man in Brazil sued Eriberto for using his likeness. The player

served a sixth-month suspension at the beginning of 2002-03 season,

and recently returned for the second half of the campaign, under a

new name -- Luciano.

Compiled by Jeff Tully and Jim Riggio