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Jackson Bell Ask martial artist Alan Lamb...

Jackson Bell

Ask martial artist Alan Lamb what he considers the most effective

fighting style in the world and he will say it is Wing Chun. He will

also say, without hesitation, that it is a form designed by and for



Wing Chun was originally developed by a Buddhist nun, Ng Mui, for

sparring with monks in ancient China. The style emphasizes blocking

and striking in one move, teaching its fighters to use both hands


simultaneously during combat, Lamb said. That way, he or she has a

timing advantage over an opponent.

Lori Abril, Lamb’s assistant instructor who started learning the

style 10 years ago, said its technique is especially desirable for

women because it can take attackers out in one move.

“I really think it’s important for everyone to know self defense

... especially women, who are more often victims simply because they

are women,” she said. “And I think more than ever, they need to


develop the necessary skills to defend themselves.”

Because of that, Lamb wants to help push it back to its roots.

“I would like to see more women get into it because it is a

woman’s style,” he said. “There are mainly guys in it and it just

seems to be a pity that we don’t have women’s interest because I

think it needs more of them.”

Lamb named his teaching program Hard Target after his explanation

on what assailants look for in female victims. Most of them, he said,


search for people that can be easily victimized.

“But if you are a hard target, the chances are pretty good that

the guy will back down,” he said.

A former Burbank resident, Lamb said he primarily teaches private

lessons to locals, particularly movie-industry employees.

He also said he is the first Hong Kong-trained non-Asian master of

Wing Chun.