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Laura SturzaPerforming-arts groups are singing, and dancing,...

Laura Sturza

Performing-arts groups are singing, and dancing, the praises of the

city after it doled out 14 PerformArts Grants.

“We’re just ecstatic,” said Wendy Brock, director of Burbank High


School Dance. “The kids are so used to paying for everything

themselves or fund-raising that they don’t have as much time to focus

on learning techniques.”

Brock’s dance program was awarded $3,000 to assist 183 students.


The funds will help offset costs of costumes and transportation to

competitions, Brock said. Her program hosted a dance and drill

competition over the weekend that filled the school’s gym with 2,000

people, raising about $4,000.

Burbank Unified School District groups received seven grants, with

community organizations receiving another seven. They share $77,050

in funds awarded by the Park, Recreation and Community Services



At a time when programs in every city department risk funding cuts

from the state and the city, these grants will not be revoked, said

Garth Nelson, the city’s deputy director of recreation services.The

$2,000 awarded of $15,000 requested by the Gene Bua Theatre and the

Here’s to Life Foundation will pay for bringing at-risk teens to the

group’s production of “2nd Wind,” which is about an acting teacher

who helps troubled youth positively channel their anger through the



“We were a little disappointed, because we received more than

twice that much last year,” theater co-founder Toni Bua said.

“But I do understand that there are more people wanting grants and

more people deserving them. We’re thrilled to be supported by the

city at all, and very grateful.”