Ovrom’s last day in office: March 1

Burbank City Manager Bud Ovrom was unanimously approved by the Los

Angeles City Council on Tuesday to head that city’s Community

Redevelopment Agency, starting March 3.

Ovrom’s last day as city manager will be March 1, but he will


continue to live in Burbank, he said.

“There’s a lot of comfort level with being in the same job for 18

years,” Ovrom said. “It’s got to be a little scary for any type of

change, and L.A. is definitely big city politics.”


Burbank and Glendale’s combined size equals the size of one of

L.A.'s 15 council districts, Ovrom said.

The City Council is responsible for replacing Ovrom, but has yet

to determine how it will do so, Ovrom said. Options include promoting

someone internally, hiring a head hunter to search for someone from

outside of the city or picking someone and directly appointing them,

Ovrom said.

Assistant City Manager Mary Alvord will be the acting city manager


until the City Council appoints a replacement.

Laura Sturza