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Mail-in ballots are the way to go

When residents go to the polls Tuesday, they will decide if they want

to continue going to the polls.

The ballot’s Measure M would change the city’s primary and general

elections to ones conducted by mail, ending the days of voting at a


school or other facility in a curtained booth.

While there is a certain nostalgia that goes with the voting-booth

tradition, statistics show that residents are more likely to vote

with mail-in ballots. A special election in October 2001 -- the


city’s first all-mail election -- drew a 35% voter response, which

was the largest in Burbank’s history. Yes, a widely debated measure

regarding the airport was on the ballot and accounted for some of the

increased turnout, but a good portion of that response also must be

attributed to the nature of by-mail balloting. That system is more

convenient, less time-consuming and cheaper than going to the polls.

Measure M was placed on the ballot for advisory purposes by the

City Council, which will ultimately decide the future of voting in


the city. By-mail balloting is the best choice for Burbank, and

voters need to send that message to the city.