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Computers with Oscar graphics stolen TOLUCA LAKE...

Computers with Oscar graphics stolen

TOLUCA LAKE -- Computers containing graphics to be used for the

Academy Awards were stolen late Thursday from a Burbank office



The theft occurred between 9 and 11 p.m. at 4450 Lakeside Drive,

police said. Two employees of Design on the Fly told police they were

working at a laptop computer when they began having trouble

performing certain operations. They went into another room to


investigate and found their server missing, police said.

When they returned, they found the laptop they had been working on

was stolen along with a hard drive, police said. They estimated the

value of the loss at $8,400, and said the computers contained

graphics that were being designed for the Academy Awards, police


Police interviewed those who were in the building and found no

witnesses, but said in December two men were found hiding inside a


conference room in the building.

Boy arrested for string of car burglaries

BURBANK -- A 16-year-old Burbank boy has been linked by Burbank

Police to nine car burglaries since Valentine’s Day.

The boy was arrested Feb. 21 during a traffic stop along with

Tawnya Hess, an 18-year-old Burbank woman, with burglary tools and

narcotics in the car, police said. The boy’s name was not released

because he is a minor. Hess is not considered a suspect in the


burglaries, but was arrested on suspicion of drug possession.

Investigators found a small amount of stolen property at the boy’s

home, and have since been able to link him to nine incidents in which

a car was broken into and the stereo and other items were stolen,

police said.

At the time of his arrest, the boy was being prosecuted on

suspicion of committing several other car burglaries, and police said

he was committing the crimes to support a drug addiction.

Compiled by Ben Godar