Former candidate throws down gauntlet for Rogers

A rabid dog?

There you go again, Will Rogers.

When he cannot say anything of substance, Will can always say

something mean-spirited.


In the Wednesday column following the election, Will got a few

“licks” in on those who were unsuccessful, such as myself. After all,

when someone loses, Will can always be counted upon to kick them when

they are down. And it is nice to see I was not alone in Will’s


personal attacks.

Previously, Will had claimed I frightened small children or that I

was “hamming” it up for the cameras. Now, I am a rabid dog

terrorizing the community. Clearly, Will is just frustrated because

he had to be quiet when I told him to clean up his act and talk about

issues. He simply does not know how to deal with substance.

Since their columnist cannot talk about issues and can only speak

with venom, I make the following offer to the Times/Leader: Let’s


give the people of the community the opportunity to see real issues

being discussed. Will can have either Wednesday or Saturday and I

will take the alternative day.

I know Will does not like to share the limelight, let alone to try

to keep up with someone with actual wordsmithing skills. However, it

is time for the community to hear about issues with substance. It is

time for someone to take up “arms against the slings and arrows of

outrageous fortunes,” or even the angst of Will Rogers. It is time


for balance.