Two arrested after brawl at bowling alley

Two men were arrested and charged with aggravated mayhem after

allegedly wielding a knife and a bowling ball in a melee that

involved more than 11 people.

The fight happened about 11:30 p.m. March 1 at Pickwick Bowling


Alley, 921 W. Riverside Drive. When officers arrived, they found

several people injured, including two Burbank women who claimed they

were hit in the head with a bowling ball. Most seriously injured was

a 29-year-old Burbank man, who was taken to Providence St. Joseph’s


Medical Center because his thumb was partially severed by a knife,

police said.

Officers arrested 23-year-old Michael Stacy of Turlock and

22-year-old Nathan King of Glendale on suspicion of wielding a

bowling ball and knife during the fight.

Police are still investigating and said more arrests are possible.

Ben Godar